Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal participa en el VIII Seminario Jean Monnet: “Banking solvency and sovereign solvency”

Nuestro compañero Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal, Of Counsel de Kepler-Karst y catedrático de Derecho Bancario y Financiero en la universidad Queen Mary de Londres, participará el próximo 21 de abril en el VIII Seminario Jean Monnet, organizado por la Universidad de Málaga, sobre regulación económica, competencia e integración europea.

El encuentro, titulado “Banking solvency and sovereign solvency”, abordará cuestiones relevantes en el plano comunitario relativas a los retos actuales relacionados con la deuda soberana.

Junto con Rodrigo participarán: Juana Pulgar-Ezquerra, catedrática de Derecho Mercantil de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, George Selgin, director emérito de la Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives, y Ana Lozano-Vivas, catedrática de Análisis Económico y quien moderará la jornada.

🗓️ Viernes, 21 de abril

🕐 10.00h a 12.00h

banking & sovereign solvency session with Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal

2022, a year in review

Few days before saying goodbye to 2022, we want to remember the moments that have shaped this year: we have grown professionally and as individuals, we have been recognized for our work and achievements, we have participated in high-level events and, of course, the Reform of the Insolvency Law has become our new reference book.

We cannot thank you enough for supporting us during this time. Thank you, thank you and thank you!

It has indeed been a memorable year; will you join us in remembering it?


Transaction highlights

Our advice for the reorganization and sale of Room Mate’s production unit to Angelo Gordon and Westmont Hospitality Group has been a milestone this 2022. The Kepler-Karst team involved in this transaction was led by Armando Betancor, with the participation of Luis Barber, Davinia Sánchez de la Cruz, Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal and Ana Carpintero, and was assisted by Guido Demarco.

At the beginning of the year, thanks to our advice on commercial matters, the Beverly Park hotel in Maspalomas, in the Canary Islands, found a new owner. Thanks to this, the hotel has been able to continue operating, thus safeguarding all the jobs.

We are currently helping several companies to get out of financial distress situations, and we are restructuring two companies, one in the services industry and the other in the gaming sector, whose operations amount to 2 and 8 million euros respectively.

Oh, we have grown!

Daniel Gómez and María Bartle joined the Madrid office as partners this September to strengthen the Restructuring and Insolvency areas. In February, Víctor Miranda and Antonio Montesdeoca joined the Canary Islands office to consolidate the Economic Criminal and Administrative departments there, respectively. We have expanded our team in a big way.

With so many great additions, we have outgrown our Madrid office and this summer we have expanded it. In addition, we have moved our London Desk, headed by Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal, and it is now located in the Heron Tower, in the City of London.


Our Of Counsel Armando Betancor has, once again, been recognized by the prestigious directory Chambers & Partners in the area of Restructuring and Insolvency -“he is a force of nature”, says the ranking about him. On top of this, he has made his debut in the Leaders League ranking of this same specialty.

Leaders League also recognized Kepler-Karst as one of the most outstanding firms in Restructuring and Insolvency, and highlighted Daniel Gómez, partner of the practice, too.

Moreover, during this 2022, we have been able to boast the recognition awarded by Cinco Días and Statista, which recognized us as one of the best law firms in 2022 and as one of the best firms in Spain in the area of restructuring and insolvency. The ranking was created based on the recommendations of lawyers themselves and with a jury made up of fellow professionals. We are so proud!

Our knowledge contributions

The bankruptcy moratorium is over, we have a new flagship law –the Reform of the Consolidated Text of the Spanish Insolvency Law– which we have analyzed non-stop (Cinco Días, Expansión, El Confidencial, Capital Radio), we have discussed the most relevant issues in current business affairs, and we have collaborated with Universities (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Queen Mary University of London, San Pablo CEU).

We also had time to socialize and get to know each other better thanks to several events. We highlight these: We sponsored the International Series “Debt and Finance Post-Covid”, organized by the Complutense University of Madrid and Queen Mary University of London, as well as one of the talks in the series “Good Practices in Sovereign Debt Recovery”, organized by the OECD and Queen Mary University of London, we participated in the 17th Congress of Lawyers of Malaga thanks to Eduardo de Urbano, of Counsel and coordinator of the area of Economic Criminal Law, and we have not stopped supporting good causes.


Undoubtedly, a memorable year


Armando Betancor, ranked by the International Directory Chambers & Partners 2021 in the area of Restructuring and Insolvency (Europe)

Our Of Counsel Armando Betancor is once again ranked in the International Guide Chambers Europe 2021 in the area of​​Restructuring & Insolvency. We cannot be more proud.

Armando Betancor joined Kepler-Karst in November 2020. Lauded for his specific litigation funding expertise, he has standout experience in high-profile insolvencies. Chambers & Partners highlights: “He is a force of nature,” says one interviewee, going on to explain: “He never surrenders, even if things look very complicated.” “He is extremely practical and is able to find novel approaches to issues that seem unsolvable,” states another source.

Take a look at his profile at Chambers & Partners here.


March 8: International Women’s Day

This March 8th, we want to wish a great day to you, as colleagues, friends, family… women. For being who you are, for being what you are, for bringing experiences, perspectives and skills that contribute in an indispensable way to make things work better for everyone.

For all this and much more, from the Kepler-Karst team, happy women’s day!

Kepler-Karst Wishes You Happy Holidays!

To take care of our own, to work as a team, to do things differently, to look for a better future for everyone… is in our nature.

Cheers to a 2021 where natural things are synonymous with success!

Kepler-Karst joins B-Lawyer School and will offer legal training content

Kepler-Karst has signed a collaboration agreement with B-Lawyer School (BLS), the online training marketplacefor lawyers and law students founded by Borja Suárez, to offer legal content focused on mechanisms to overcome crisis situations in companies.

Our partners Davinia Sánchez, Eduardo Frutos and José María Betancorwill be in charge of creating different training courses related to restructuring and insolvency and business law. In addition, Armando Betancorand Luis Barber, Of Counsels of the firm, will also participate in the creation of content.

This relationship allows the use of the B-Lawyer School platform by all the lawyers of the firm, so that they can consume their own content, as well as the content of third parties, and strengthen the internal training plans, favoring cross learningby lawyers of all specialties.

B-Lawyer School’s training programs offer, on the one hand, practical legal content based on the knowledge of the operations of the participating partners and, on the other hand, management and leadership skills.

Read the news here (in Spanish).

The Economic Newspaper Cinco Días publishes the arrival of Kepler—Karst in Madrid

The article describes the firm’s practice areas, highlighting the Restructuring and Insolvency Department, as well as the sectors on which the firm focuses its work. The text includes quotes from the three partners of the firm, Davinia Sánchez, José María Betancor and Eduardo Frutos, in which they explain why they started this company and their vision of the advocacy world.

In Sánchez words: “We are experts in Business Law and we are brave and courageous. We are committed to a legal practice where transparency, honesty and clarity prevail. We want our clients to feel accompanied and safe, something achieved by controlling the process from within, without the need to refer issues to other offices, and by having a trustworthy team,”.

Read the article here.

KEPLER—KARST, the firm specialized in Restructuring and Insolvencies that seeks to change the practice of Business Law

Led by Davinia Sánchez, expert in Restructuring and Insolvencies, Kepler-Karst opens its doors in Madrid with the aim of becoming a point of reference for businesses. Not only because companies can find answers to all of their questions, from employment issues to mergers, restructurings, antitrust or criminal proceedings, etc., but because if there is one thing that characterizes Kepler-Karst, is our friendly service, our discretion when handling matters of public relevance, and our courage to accept complex cases.

“We are experts in business law and we are brave and audacious. We are committed to a legal practice where transparency, honesty and clarity prevail. We want our clients to feel accompanied and safe, something achieved by controlling the process from within, without the need to refer issues to other offices, and by having a trustworthy team,” adds Sánchez, president and partner of the firm.

With offices in Madrid, in the well-known Paseo de la Castellana, our experience stands out on the commerce, construction, finance, transport and tourism sectors, but we put our expertise at the service of any business sector at the national and international level.

Our Restructuring and Insolvency area covers the entire spectrum of the specialization, offering first-class solutions in restructuring, debt refinancing, creditor agreements, sale of production units, responsibilities of directors and executives, and legal advice to companies in pre-existing insolvency or insolvency, both economic and patrimonial, as well as in the complementary areas of banking, financial and tax law.

On the other hand, the Business Law area allows us to provide a multidisciplinary service, with the aim of becoming a one-stop-shop of reference for companies. Our offer extends to all services related to Commercial and Corporate Law -including M & A operations-, Litigation, Economic Criminal Law, Real Estate, Employment, Tax and Competition Law.

We are an unconventional law firm, and these are not just words. We offer bold, practical, but also creative solutions, and, above all, those solutions are aligned with the business objectives and strategies of our clients. We take cases that seem impossible. We firmly believe that we need to know not only the sector, but the specifics of the business we are dealing with, so our work can truly add value; even more so in these new and troubled times that we live in” says Sánchez.

Eduardo Frutos, expert in corporate legal advice to companies in Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom and our partner at the head of our Corporate and Commercial department, emphasizes that “n the current uncertain times that we are living, a brave, fast, proactive and truly effective advice can make a difference and position yourself with a competitive advantage. We do not want to be just partners of our clients, we want to be a driver of economic growth”.

José María Betancor, partner, leader of the Litigation area and expertin Insolvency Law, emphasizes that “my professional career has taught me that, during crises, there are always opportunities; And that is the approach we take when designing different legal strategies and actions in each of the litigation procedures that we carry out. On top of this, we also seek as an indispensable condition, that these opportunities are aligned with the objectives of both our clients in the legal department and the CEO”.