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Cutting edge legal strategies that exceed standards and expectations



We transform the most complex legal challenges into business opportunities thanks to comprehensive, multidisciplinary and personalized advice.




We help you make the right decisions for your business from a legal point of view, from its creation and configuration, to the expansion or closure.

is not a conventional
law firm

We believe it is time for a new legal practice.

The law can be confusing, a complex territory that requires intelligence, courage and strength to explore it, know it and conquer it. We devise different solutions and develop innovative and effective legal strategies to help you achieve your goals.

As experienced professionals and leaders in restructurings and insolvency proceedings, as well as business law, we act in a transparent and responsible manner, we are in constant training and we know that, if we work together as a team, we go further.


Market knowledge,
talent and effective results


We help you managing your real estate assets in an active and evolving market that continues to renew itself, where adaptation means prosperity.


A strategic sector that is experiencing a process of strong changes. We can help you overcome insolvency situations thanks to legal mechanisms.


An engine for job creation, the tourism sector faces the greatest challenge in recent years. Our legal services are prepared to help you manage your business project.


A relevant sector for its economic and social implications; learn how we can contribute to the continuation and preservation of the productive activity.


We advise you on financial matters at a national and international level, from strategies to deliver value to shareholders to procedures for the sale of litigious rights.

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Experienced professionals
Trusted advisors
Creative attorneys


Partners & Of Counsels

We design a forward-thinking firm, where everything revolves around what is best for clients, as well as for fellow workers.


Our experience and understanding of the law covers all the challenges you may encounter, and we explain them to you in a language you understand.

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From the smooth functioning of the office to the communications strategy. We know that without teamwork, success cannot be achieved.

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