KEPLER—KARST, the firm specialized in Restructuring and Insolvencies that seeks to change the practice of Business Law

Led by Davinia Sánchez, expert in Restructuring and Insolvencies, Kepler-Karst opens its doors in Madrid with the aim of becoming a point of reference for businesses. Not only because companies can find answers to all of their questions, from employment issues to mergers, restructurings, antitrust or criminal proceedings, etc., but because if there is one thing that characterizes Kepler-Karst, is our friendly service, our discretion when handling matters of public relevance, and our courage to accept complex cases.

“We are experts in business law and we are brave and audacious. We are committed to a legal practice where transparency, honesty and clarity prevail. We want our clients to feel accompanied and safe, something achieved by controlling the process from within, without the need to refer issues to other offices, and by having a trustworthy team,” adds Sánchez, president and partner of the firm.

With offices in Madrid, in the well-known Paseo de la Castellana, our experience stands out on the commerce, construction, finance, transport and tourism sectors, but we put our expertise at the service of any business sector at the national and international level.

Our Restructuring and Insolvency area covers the entire spectrum of the specialization, offering first-class solutions in restructuring, debt refinancing, creditor agreements, sale of production units, responsibilities of directors and executives, and legal advice to companies in pre-existing insolvency or insolvency, both economic and patrimonial, as well as in the complementary areas of banking, financial and tax law.

On the other hand, the Business Law area allows us to provide a multidisciplinary service, with the aim of becoming a one-stop-shop of reference for companies. Our offer extends to all services related to Commercial and Corporate Law -including M & A operations-, Litigation, Economic Criminal Law, Real Estate, Employment, Tax and Competition Law.

We are an unconventional law firm, and these are not just words. We offer bold, practical, but also creative solutions, and, above all, those solutions are aligned with the business objectives and strategies of our clients. We take cases that seem impossible. We firmly believe that we need to know not only the sector, but the specifics of the business we are dealing with, so our work can truly add value; even more so in these new and troubled times that we live in” says Sánchez.

Eduardo Frutos, expert in corporate legal advice to companies in Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom and our partner at the head of our Corporate and Commercial department, emphasizes that "n the current uncertain times that we are living, a brave, fast, proactive and truly effective advice can make a difference and position yourself with a competitive advantage. We do not want to be just partners of our clients, we want to be a driver of economic growth”.

José María Betancor, partner, leader of the Litigation area and expertin Insolvency Law, emphasizes that “my professional career has taught me that, during crises, there are always opportunities; And that is the approach we take when designing different legal strategies and actions in each of the litigation procedures that we carry out. On top of this, we also seek as an indispensable condition, that these opportunities are aligned with the objectives of both our clients in the legal department and the CEO”.