How to overcome liquidation and bring a company back into business

This is a real example of a case of a company that filed for bankruptcy, reached an agreement with its creditors, but failed to comply with it, placing the company directly in liquidation. Faced with this situation, Kepler-Karst worked hard to achieve the best outcome for the company, which overcame liquidationand returned to business.

We are talking about a parent company of a designer furniture distributor in Spain and Latam, and Kepler-Karst worked on an innovative solution to avoid its extinction: the termination of the insolvency proceedings under Article 176.4 of the Spanish Insolvency Law.

What did we do?

-We reached agreements with creditors, mostly the main financial institutions in the country.

-A transaction was structured that included the purchase of a significant portion of the debt by an investor and its subsequent capitalization.

-We negotiated a partial waiving of claims with financial institucions.

-Certain assets were enhanced through a well-managed sale process and sold at market price.

The outcome: The company overcame liquidation and returned to business.

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