Our Experience as Insolvency Experts

Kepler-Karst's professionals have extensive experience as insolvency practitioners in different provinces of the country, having managed more than 200 insolvency proceedings.

These are some of the most important cases in which the team has been involved:

Petersen Energía S.A.; Petersen Energía Inversora S.A.

We are the insolvency trustees of the Petersen companies. Complex transnational process with impact in Spain, Argentina and the US. This is a bankruptcy proceeding against the Argentine State as a result of the nationalization of YPF, the number one oil company in Argentina. For this case, the innovative figure of litigation financing was implemented in Spain, and the procedure was successfully financed by one of the largest and most relevant litigation financing companies in the world.

Other proceedings:

  • EXTRA RIEGOS, S.L., Necessary Bankruptcy Proceedings.
  • SICONSVI, S.L., Voluntary insolvency proceeding
  • OSCAMADRID, S.L., voluntary insolvency proceedings
  • RESIDENCIA HABANA, S.A., Ordinary insolvency proceedings
  • TR HOTELES ALOJAMIENTOS DE CANARIAS, S.L.U., Ordinary insolvency proceedings
  • RUBIVIHER, S.L., abbreviated insolvency proceedings
  • RESIDENCIAL PUERTA NUEVA CARTAGENA, S.A., voluntary insolvency proceedings

In addition, we have worked as advisors to relevant companies going through insolvency proceedings. These are some of the recent cases:

Room Mate Hotels

We advised Room Mate S.A. in its reorganization and sale of its production unit as a going concern to the international fund Angelo Gordon and Westmont Hospitality Group. The operation was done within the framework of an insolvency proceeding. We presented a solution to continue with the activity of the hotel business together with the voluntary petition for bankruptcy.

Artrefe 3 S.A.

After having been declared bankrupt by the Court nº6 of Madrid, we tried to solve the bankruptcy situation by reaching agreements with the creditors, most of them being the largest financial institutions in the country. 100% of the debt was restructured thanks to its purchase by an investor and its subsequent capitalization, and the company recovered its activity.

Major transport company

The company was declared bankrupt by the Commercial Court Number 1 of Almería. In order to get out of the insolvency situation, a bailout operation was articulated. Negotiations were held with creditors, mostly financial institutions, and with an investment fund interested in supporting the Company financially in order to resume its activity. This was a cross-border transaction involving Spain, Bulgaria and Morocco.

NZ Patrimonio S.L.U.

Advised NZ PATRIMONIO, a real estate company based in Madrid, during the insolvency proceedings. In July 2015, the company's main asset, a building in Madrid, was sold for over €90 million, which was the largest real estate transaction in the city in 2015.


Legal advice to the company during the insolvency proceedings. The scope of the advice included the assistance in the proceedings to the group of companies dedicated to the commercialization of toys, among which the famous Ksimerito dolls stand out, and concluded with the sale of the productive unit as going concern to the Mexican company Distroller.

Whistleblowing Channel

The deadline for companies to establish and activate a “Whistleblowing/Reporting Channel” expired on December 1st, 2023, in accordance with Law 2/2023, of February 20th, 2023,