Kepler-Karst joins B-Lawyer School and will offer legal training content

Kepler-Karst has signed a collaboration agreement with B-Lawyer School (BLS), the online training marketplacefor lawyers and law students founded by Borja Suárez, to offer legal content focused on mechanisms to overcome crisis situations in companies.

Our partners Davinia Sánchez, Eduardo Frutos and José María Betancorwill be in charge of creating different training courses related to restructuring and insolvency and business law. In addition, Armando Betancorand Luis Barber, Of Counsels of the firm, will also participate in the creation of content.

This relationship allows the use of the B-Lawyer School platform by all the lawyers of the firm, so that they can consume their own content, as well as the content of third parties, and strengthen the internal training plans, favoring cross learningby lawyers of all specialties.

B-Lawyer School's training programs offer, on the one hand, practical legal content based on the knowledge of the operations of the participating partners and, on the other hand, management and leadership skills.

Read the news here (in Spanish).